Spec entry service

Outsource your Walmart ASPECT or Sam’s Club SQS specification entry to an expert. Whether you have one spec or hundreds, need to start from scratch or just want a clean-up, our expert team gets the job done to Walmart and Sam’s Club’s requirements quickly and efficiently — they even take you through the approval process.

How it works

We assess your needs and fit our service accordingly, whether that’s a one-off project, ongoing support or an ad-hoc project.

What does it cost?

Our prices start from $150 per spec, dependent upon complexity and volumes.


Simply click the enquire button and we will be in touch very shortly

Spec training and support – annual package

Discover how to get specs fully compliant in a two-hour, one-to-one live webinar with an expert  perfect for private label suppliers looking to complete their own specs.

How it works

After booking your webinar session online, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing what we’ll need from you before the session. During our session, we’ll build a spec together from start to finish – it’s a completely interactive process and we’ll encourage you to ask questions along the way. By the end, we’ll have completed a fully compliant spec, and we’ll leave you with guidance notes to help you complete further specs on your own.


In addition to a fully up-to-date library of quick and easy online training guides designed to answer those ‘how-to’ questions, you’ll have access to our friendly support team for immediate help with specific technical or process issues.

How it works

Our support team is available Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5pm CST. Email your queries to support@rocksolidretail.com and we’ll respond within two hours.

What does it cost?

Our training and support package is offered on a fixed-price annual subscription per retailer of $750.